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Macmerise Xscreen - Liquid Screen Protector

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Macmerise Xscreen is an invisible screen guard that acts as a protective agent for the screen of your smartphones, by making your screen hard & stronger on a molecular level. If you put your screen under a microscope, you will see pores on it. When you apply Macmerise Xscreen, it fills the pores and cures your screen and enables it to successfully withstand drops and shocks in a better way. The kit comes with a complete instruction manual to make the application a Super Easy process which is also fingerprint-free and bubble-free. The usage of this product is not just limited to your phone screen, but can be applied to your smart Watch, Tablets and other devices. Macmerise Xscreen has been put to a 2.4-ounce bin pall drop test where a regular screen cracks at 2.4 feet whereas our Xscreen cracks at 9.4 feet giving almost 5 times more protection. Macmerise Xscreen is a must-have product for anyone who cares about safeguarding their devices. It will keep your device looking brand-new for years to come, and shall certainly minimize the chance of having to pay for costly repairs.

  • ✔ Liquid Screen Protector using Nano Technology
  • ✔ Impact & Shatter Resistant
  • ✔ 9H Lab certified Sctratch Resistant
  • ✔ 100% Invisible
  • ✔ Bubble Free and HD Clarity
  • ✔ Can be applied on any screen made of Glass
  • ✔ Extremely easy to apply

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