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Mobile Phone Cases & Back Covers

India's Best Phone Cases only on Macmerise.com

Have you ever imagined what the greatest need in today’s world is? Yeah it’s definitely a smartphone!

Everywhere we go, our cell phone is with us. It is a revolutionary device that represents our personalities and meets all our needs, be it shopping, looking for and saving data, or just using it for entertainment. Mobile phones have, basically, been our greatest companion.

Don't worry mates, macmerise.com has got you covered! We have 500+ designs of mobile phone cases & covers for almost every smartphone in the industry!

You name it, we have it!. Find the coolest and the funkiest designs just at Macmerise.

Our beautiful array of designer and high-quality phone cases are licensed and influenced by various international labels like:

  • • Gauri Khan
  • • Disney
  • • Marvel
  • • DC
  • • Star Wars
  • • Friends
  • • Coca-Cola
  • • Harry Potter
  • • Paw patrol
  • • Garfield
  • • Dora the Explorer

Should I Buy A Mobile Back Cover For My Phone?

Obviously? Just like we groom up to look good, don’t you think glamming up your phone with a Macmerise back case would add a finishing touch to your entire look?

At the same time, it will act as a protection for your mobile phone’s damage-prone body pieces. A single drop can result in a cracked screen or body. You don’t want that.

A smartphone cover is also a necessary accessory since it not only increases your mobile's appearance but also offers an added layer of security to keep your handset up and running for a long time.

If you are planning to buy high-quality or best-priced mobile cases through online shopping, there is no other better place than Macmerise. We are the pioneers in the production and supply of designer cases and mobile accessories in India.

Why is Macmerise Different From Others?

At its heart, Macmerise claims that gadget accessories are transforming into fashion necessities and are regarded as an innovative product by us. To make our projects special and exclusive, we keep to our fundamentals. We are proud to address ourselves as a "Lifestyle and Fashion brand" and as we ascend higher mountains in our path, this vision will remain constant.

Macmerise.com was conceived in 2012 with the spirit of doing the same differently

It is the same spirit that has been transferred so far. Macmerise.com aims to get all styles of mobile cases on our website with the latest fashionable prints and styles. We are and remain the best website for trendy smartphone coverage. On the different models, here's a lowdown:

  • Sleek Case – It’s made on a hard-shell polycarbonate case with high-intensity print infusion technology, the pop-culture pattern and theme of the cases are superimposed. The logo is never going to come off, nor is it going to disappear. It gives a strong grip while giving the case a smooth touch and feel at the same time. The matte finish gives the design a luxury look, adding just the right amount of zing required for your screens.
  • Lumous case - Want to add a bit of quirk into your life? With the click of a power button located at the bottom of the cover, the magic turns on. There are three modes of glow in this case. The first press gives out a - static light. The second press brings it to the mode of flashing light and the third press takes you to a magical glow mode. The case can light up to 300,000 clicks!
  • Extreme case - Built with the revolutionary Air-shield technology, the Macmerise Extreme Case protects your phone even if it falls from a height of 10ft. For all the athletes out there, this is your chance to avoid a cracked phone! It has a crystal clear see-through back that adds a stylish look to your phone.
  • Glass case - The high-quality 9H Tempered glass back of this case not only will make your device look elegant but also give your hands a soft touch while holding your phone, also, the side frame has a firm grip so that the phone doesn’t slip off your hands.
  • Eco-ver Phone case - This case is one of its kind! Nature enthusiasts where you at? Time to grab some biodegradable cases! These smooth-to-touch, flexible cases give all side protection to your phone and work very well with the wireless charger.
  • MagSafe Silicone Cases - If you are an iPhone 12/12 pro user you are just at the right place! Get your MagSafe Silicone case at an exciting price! It aligns perfectly with your iPhone and enables stable wireless charging. It has a variety of bright and vibrant colors to light up your life.
  • Silicone Cases - The classy look of the solid colors will never get out of style. With Shock Absorbing Microfiber lining inside, Silicone cases are extremely slim and lightweight back covers by Macmerise. It has a raised front bezel so it can protect the screen along with the back.
  • Neon Sand Cases - Comes with an impressive neon waterfall effect in bright colors that even. In the dark, it glows. For the social media generation, just perfect! The case is consists of non-toxic material TPU, protecting the phone from all sides, making it durable along with funky.

Our in-house design team has mastered the art of designing over the years. This offers a detailed overview of emerging consumer dynamics and maps those observations into what our clients want, both young and old. So, what does this mean? It means once you have encased your smartphone in any of the Macmerise cases, you don’t need to worry anymore! Encase and be carefree!

Macmerise.com is the best website in India for buying mobile covers or back cases of all leading smartphone brands like , Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi Covers.

Reliability is an element we never have and are never going to let down on. At Macmerise, the cutting-edge hardware makes your mobile covers look magical and long-lasting. Each of our smartphone cases has been crafted with such incredible accuracy that you get nothing other than a flawless fit and finish with your cell phones-no rough edges, no chipping, or flaking.

We also aim to keep the consumer at the forefront of everything we do. This philosophy is also mirrored in how we have made the whole consumer experience very customer-centric, from selecting the right phone covers to finishing the checkout process. We hope you have ample reasons to start dreaming about purchasing your quirky smartphone covers online. Internet shopping is much simpler and gives you too many opportunities to pick from, right at the click of a mouse. Macmerise.com is the best online shopping platform for your mobile covers. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and get Macmerise.


Which is the best website to buy Mobile Cases and Phone Accessories?
Macmerise.com is India’s best website to buy mobile cases and phone accessories. It has collaborations with internationally acclaimed labels like ‘Marvel’, ‘DC’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Dora’, ‘Disney’, ‘Gauri Khan Designs’, ‘Coca Cola’, and much more!

Which types of Mobile Covers are offered?
Macmerise has India’s best mobile back cover like: silicone case, lumous case, sleek case, eco-ver case, glass case, extreme case, MagSafe silicone case, and neon sand case

Which website has the best-priced Mobile Back Cover in India?
India’s best-priced mobile cases and accessories are available exclusively on Macmerise.

How many Mobile Cases Designs are offered?
We have over 400+ mobile case designs.

Which website offers the best quality Mobile Back Covers in India?
India’s best quality mobile back covers are available only on Macmerise.com