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We spend most of the time with our gadgets. The gadgets are constantly used for some or the other work like calling, texting, working, gaming, music, etc. Well, that is a lot of work for those devices and they need to be charged so that they can be used again. For which, rather than carrying a charger for every device separately, we can just carry a power bank. Macmerise power banks are super reliable with a capacity of 1000mAH and very handy to carry.

It has 2 USB outputs so you can charge 2 devices at a time. Apart from the phones, you can also charge your other electronic products which can be using another USB. To check the battery in the power bank, the percentage of the battery is indicated on it.

Macmerise power banks are available in high-quality designs and patterns with over 400 choices. There is also a power bank shaped like Iron Man’s helmet.

So why don’t you get the funky power bank online and get it delivered to your doorstep with free delivery in India?