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Ever imagined a road trip without your phone? No, right? We need our phones for the long road trips for playing music, for referring to the GPS if our car doesn’t have one, for clicking Instagram stories and uploading them on our way. Basically, you have to use your phone a lot but you shouldn’t do it while you are driving. Macmerise has got a solution for this.

Macmerise Autobot Lite is an innovative automatic car mount with an Infrared sensor induction mechanism in which the inductor opens its arm consequently when the gadget is around 5 inches away or less. Having an Air Vent mount, it prevents distractions while driving, improves hearing capabilities, and works seamlessly while navigation. The Air vent mount also helps to unlock the phones using face unlock directly without having to remove the phone to unlock. It also has a USB Port that can be used to charge your phone while mounting. The mount has 3-way support so that its grip is very strong and does not fall while driving even on rough roads. It has a 360-degree rotation feature which means it can be used to freely rotate your phone while ite on the mount. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.