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We all will agree that it is not easy to look around every store to store to find a cover for Airpods case that will perfectly fit the headset and have a cool design at the same time. But, at Macmerise, we strive to deliver the best-in-class Airpods charging case covers online in India. Macmerise has the trendiest collection of high-quality Airpods and Airpods Pro cover cases that are light in weight and compatible with wireless chargers. We have categorized the cases into four different kinds-

Silicone Airpod Case – Macmerise Airpod case cover comes in vibrant solid colors, made from high-quality shock-absorbing material that perfectly fits the shape of the headset. It also has a functional keychain so that you can hang it to your bag.

Leather Airpod Case – No animals were hurt during the making process, yes, the material used is premium quality vegan leather that comes in classic colors. Macmerise Airpod Case covers a tremendously elegant look, a firm grip, and comes with a keychain.

Superheroes/Comic Case – Your favorite DC/Marvel superheroes are here to protect your Airpods. Super cute designs with keychains that work with wireless chargers without having to remove the case.

Eco-ver Airpod Case – Made with 100% biodegradable material, these eco-friendly covers have gone through a 4ft drop test. That means it can definitely protect your headset as well as our planet.

Key Features of Macmerise Airpod Phone Cases & Mobile Covers:

  • Works with Wireless chargers without having to remove the case
  • • Firm grip texture
  • • Available in various styles
Buy the coolest design for Airpod case that suits your style from Macmerise, India!