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RCB Fans – 5 Reasons To Buy The Official RCB Phone Case
RCB Fans – 5 Reasons To Buy The Official RCB Phone Case
RCB Fans – 5 Reasons To Buy The Official RCB Phone Case
RCB Fans – 5 Reasons To Buy The Official RCB Phone Case

RCB Fans – 5 Reasons To Buy The Official RCB Phone Case

Royal Challengers Bangalore is a real heartthrob of any Kannadiga living in Bengaluru and around the world. Cricket has always been a craze in this country, and with the IPL catching all of the focus, this short-format game has just filled the air with entertainment, excitement, and competition to witness the next champions!

The RCB fans are so amazing that every other IPL team wishes to get one. RCB's supporters were still there to cheer them on, whether they won or lost.

There Are Several Types of RCB Fans Like:

  • The ones who belong to the state and the city
  • Virat and ABD fans!
  • Possessive ones
  • ‘Ee sala cup namde’
  • The RCB experts
  • Only RCB match viewers
  • Everything official merchandise fans

Are you even an RCB fan if you don’t own every piece of official RCB merchandise? You might have had the official jerseys, bags, t-shirts, cups and flags of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

But do you have the Official RCB Phone Case?

Here are 5 Reasons to Get Your Hands on The Most Exclusive and Official RCB Phone case!

1. Officially Licensed by Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Who doesn’t crave for authentic products nowadays? Official products have their own league of sass factor! Get RCB Official Phone Cover here at the best price in India!

2. Exclusive and Official Designs! (Player based designs available too!)

On one side there are normal designs, on the other side there are exclusive and official designs! Which one would you naturally pick? Grab the Official RCB back cover with designs that include your favorite RCB players like Virat Kohli and ABD! You can also get great covers that proudly showcase the Royal Challengers Bangalore team crest!

3. High-Quality Protection

If you are a RCB fan, you are definitely a cricket fan. Who doesn’t need protection for their devices while playing cricket? Don’t worry! These RCB Official Back Case has you all covered! With extreme protection now, you can have a care free and crazy cricket match!

4. Wireless Charging Approved

Are you a fan of wireless charging too? If your device supports wireless charging, then the Official RCB Phone Case is just the case for you as its neither too thick nor too thin and hence lets wireless charging conduction happen easily through it and at the same time protects your phone!

5. Ultra HD and Razor-Sharp prints which allows you to flaunt your latest RCB style!

One of the major reasons why you should buy the Official RCB Phone Cover is because of its Ultra HD and Razor-Sharp Prints. These Prints are so accurate that they look magnificent when you hold it in your hands! Let RCB come to life in your hands! Let the RCB Fandom Roar loud this IPL 2021!

Types of Official RCB Phone Cases

• RCB Official Sleek Case – The official Royal Challengers Bangalore design and style of the cases was superimposed on a hard-shell polycarbonate case using high-intensity print infusion processing. The super HD print will never wear off. It provides a firm grip while also providing a smooth touch and feel to the case. The matte finish lends a luxurious feel to the style while still providing just the right amount of zing.

• RCB Official Glass Case - The high-quality 9H Tempered glass back of this case will not only make your smartphone look sleek but will also provide a gentle touch to your hands when holding your handset. Additionally, the side frame has a solid grip so that the phone does not fall from your hands.

Looking For More official RCB Merchandise?

Ever fancied a RCB Power Bank: Yes, you heard it right! Purchase the RCB Official 10,000 mAh Power bank and support RCB like never before. If you are watching the match on your phone this power bank can be a life saver! With 10,000 mAh you can watch the match live, watch the pre match content and even the highlights and still a lot of power will be left!

If you are planning to watch this IPL season on your laptops and are supporting RCB then you must do it the RCB way with the Official RCB Laptop Skins. Here is no better way to wear the Royal Challengers Bangalore’s colour than making your devices wear it too!

Get authentic RCB designs as Macmerise is the only official licensee for RCB cases!

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