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7 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman
7 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman
7 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman
7 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman

7 Wonderful Facts About Wonder Woman

“Remember that in the world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman!” Designed and created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman was the first female superhero who was an advocate of love, peace, and justice.

Shrieking the stereotypical image of women as typists, librarians, or young girls in love, Diana was the Amazonian palladian who changed the world when she first emerged in 1941. As DC released the new Wonder Woman movie, let’s get to know some wondrous facts about the warrior goddess.

1. Old Versus New:

There are two versions of Wonder Woman in DC Comics - “New Earth” Wonder Woman which started in the 80s and ran through the mid-2000s, and “Prime Earth” Wonder Woman which started after DC comics rebooted the universe in 2011 with their New 52 initiative. Prime Earth is considered the current superhero, however, true fans still adore and love the old Wonder Woman stories from the 80s.

2. Baby on board:

According to the origin stories, Diana was the first child born on Paradise Island in the 3000 years the Amazons had been living there. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta was asked by the Gods to sculpt a baby from clay, and then they’d breathed her to life.

3. Power up:

Since she was a designed child (literally), Diana was gifted her superpowers and abilities by the Greek gods. Demeter granted her strength and Athena gave her wisdom and courage. While Aphrodite blessed her with beauty and a kind heart, Heista gave her fire (step-up Heista!) and Hermes gave her skill and flight. Not a bad skill set at all, even if Heista kind of gave her the shaft there.

4. Ivy League Bound:

Boston, Massachusetts was the first city where Diana lived. She stayed with her Harvard Professor Dr. Julia Kapatelis and her daughter Vanessa.

5. What are you Taco-ing about!:

Diana once worked at Tac Whiz, the DC comics version of Taco Bell. She wanted to understand and observe the mind and behavior of an average citizen closely

6. Warrior’s Way:

While most superheroes have an oath that forbids them from killing, Wonder Woman was an exception. Diana was raised as a warrior and would kill her enemies if required. However, when Diana killed Maxwell Lord, Superman and Batman were so furious with her that they kicked her out of the Justice League. C’mon gentlemen, every rule has some exception.

7. First Crush:

When you think of DC comic romances, you may recall Clark Kent and Louis Lane or Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. However, did you know, Wonder Woman and Superman had a thing for a while?

When DC rebooted their comic continuity with New 52, they decided to experiment a little bit with a potential romance between Superman and Wonder Woman. It was pretty well-received too.

Wonder Woman is one of the first female goddesses of war who was loved by everyone. Have you watched DC’s latest Wonder Woman 1984? Tell us your favourite scene in the movie.

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