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7 Reasons To Own An Apple Smartwatch
7 Reasons To Own An Apple Smartwatch
7 Reasons To Own An Apple Smartwatch
7 Reasons To Own An Apple Smartwatch

7 Reasons To Own An Apple Smartwatch

Ever thought that your watch could do more than just showing time? Want a quick and effective health & fitness analysis? Well, now you have everything on your wrist with the new Apple smartwatches.

You are already aware of tech savvy Apple smartwatches. If you are thinking of buying a brand new - Apple Watch Series 6, we’re here to help you with 8 great benefits of owning one.

8 benefits of Apple Watch Series 6

1. Health is Wealth Being healthy is extremely essential, especially during these unprecedented times. This Apple Watch will track your health data and helps you stay alert regarding the same. Here are few features:

  • • Monitors ECG and blood oxygen
  • • Track and schedule your sleep
  • • Low or irregular heart rate alerts

2. Fitness One of the most common and useful features is that it can track your workout sessions and show you accurate statistics. It is really beneficial to keep you fit, especially if you are a fitness freak.

  • • Tracks different types of exercises
  • • Measures accurate calorie burn
  • • Provides other metrics including distance and pace
  • • Observes your breathing pattern

3. Water resistance You may wear an Apple watch while exercising in the rain and while washing your hands (reminder: wash your hands!), but with this smartwatch, you may even go swimming or for a shower. It is water resistant up to 50 meters, meaning that it can be used for shallow water activities.

4. Watch me groove Does music set your mood too? Then this feature is great for you. You can store music in it or stream from your apple music. Another great thing is, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones to the watch and feel the beats.

5. Send and receive calls and messages It allows you to send and receive calls on your iPhone (you can use speakerphone). To ignore a call, you can just cover your watch with your hand, this is great especially when you are in a meeting. You can also send and receive messages.

6. Hey Siri Do you also ask Siri random questions while bored? Well, Siri on this watch can be a lot more useful to you. She is built-in and hence can set timers, get you directions and accept dictated replies to messages.

7. Swap and change bands All of us are very fond of fashionable bands when it comes to Apple watches. The twist with this Apple watch is that the seamless straps join the watch without a clasp in sight. One more fun thing is the solo loop band. If you want to show off your new fancy bands, go ahead and check out these stylish and comfortable bands exclusively on Macmerise. Still contemplating whether to buy an Apple watch or not? It is as simple as this - you got money, buy it! For more such tech related blogs, stay tuned to this page.

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