4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !
4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !
4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !
4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !

4 Macmerise AirPod Pro Cases that you must take a look at !

AirPods Pro by Apple has been the go to earphones to pair with iPhone amongst Apple users and some Android users. AirPods Pro is known to be a top of the line product offering a premium experience. It was launched in October 2019 and carries a heavy price tag of $249.

AirPods Pro is capable of noise cancellation, better sound quality, and an all round matchless design. It is similar in design to AirPods but is considered better in terms of comfort due to the silicone tips and fit. The silicone tips come in three sizes. AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation which has been made possible because of the uniquely positioned microphones and the use of advanced software that helps in adapting to each ear.

AirPods Pro comes in pristine white only although there were rumours that they might come in multiple colours. They are placed in an equally pristine white, sleek case that is ergonomically designed. The case is the charging station for the buds. The wireless charging case carries more than 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. With just five minutes of fast charging, the AirPods Pro can handle an hour of listening time and about close to an hour of talk time.

The wireless charging case is responsible for a great deal. It becomes the user’s responsibility to take good care of the charging case. Since the charging case has a smooth finish and is easy on the fingers, it is susceptible to drops and stray scratches.

The best way to safeguard the charging case is with a protective case that covers it completely. Macmerise offers a beautiful range of protective cases for your AirPods Pro charging case. The protective cases are sturdy and long lasting. Macmerise products are known to maintain structural integrity under severe pressure as they exhibit toughness and quality.

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Here are 4 Macmerise Air Pod Pro cases that will add to your style:

1. Silicone Cases

Silicone is the most versatile material in the business of protecting gadgets. Macmerise’s Silicone Cases for AirPods Pro are just as versatile when it comes to the range of colours that they are available in. Macmerise’s silicone cases have been crafted to fit your AirPods Pro charging case snuggly to protect it from scratches and ensure a safe landing when dropped. The silicone cases are available in a wide range of colours to cater to everyone’s needs. Most of the silicone cases are bright in colour and stand out, so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them.

2. Leather Cases

Macmerise’s Leather Cases are made of vegan leather and are completely eco friendly. Macmerise’s leather cases are designed to match the exceptional quality of AirPods Pro. The case sits on your AirPods Pro firmly and the distressed texture ensures safety by providing a good grip. Macmerise’s leather cases are classy and elegant. The leather finish gives off an eccentric vibe. The leather case is perfect to pair with a casual look or even an old school cowboy. The case can be easily transformed into a keychain with the help of just a hook.

3. Superhero Cases

Macmerise offers an amazing range of Superhero Cases that is bound to leave you coming for more. No matter the fandom that you are into, Macmerise has it covered. Macmerise features official merchandise of both DC and Marvel. The quality of Macmerise’s products is unparalleled. From Captain America’s iconic shield to Spider-Man’s mask and Batman’s bat symbol, Macmerise has it all. Macemerise’s superhero range of AirPods Pro cases is designed to be as tough and durable as the superheroes they represent. They come equipped with a dedicated loop to be used for attaching a ring and be used as a keychain.

4. Eco-ver Cases

Macmerise understands the impact of the usage of plastic on the environment. The alarming rate at which global warming has reared its ugly head more so now than ever is only to rub the shortcomings of man in his face. Macmerise has taken active steps to reduce carbon footprint with the manufacturing of eco-friendly protective covers and cases. These eco-friendly covers and cases are manufactured using plant based material. It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Macmerise’s Eco-ver for AirPods Pro is bamboo based and provides the best protection for your device. Eco-ver are sustainable yet rugged, capable of protecting your charging case from scratches drops. The starch based product is designed ergonomically and fits your device firmly to serve and protect.

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